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Tables Galore.

I did a quick google search, and firstdibs.com has several tables (and chairs) that can be attributed to grandfather.  Here is an example.

We found an imitator.

Thank you to Alex for pointing this one out.  Almost an exact copy.  The wood is different, but the legs are erily similar.  He is located down in LA somewhere and has an Etsy account.

Looks like the photo link is broken... 

CB2 Dining Table

CB2 (www.cb2.com) has used inspiraton from grandfather again.  This table is beautiful and you can see the similarities in the legs.  Big thanks to Joseph for pointing this one out.

California Design - Living in a Modern Way

The exhibit came to fruition, and the LA County Museum of Art is hosting their exhibit, California Design - Living in a Modern Way.  My family and I flew to LA for the opening.  It's gotten some good press (LA Times Article) so I recommend you check it out.


LA County Museum

The LA County Museum of Art has contacted us regarding using one of Grandfather's pieces in an upcoming exhibit. California Design, 1930–1965: "Living in a Modern Way"  will be opening in October.  Hope you can make it.
Image at museum

Marjorie Conover's Obituary

Marjorie E. Conover (Aug 21, 1922 - Dec 1, 2010)

Marjorie Conover moved to Marin after World War II with her husband Luther (Bill) Conover and started a furniture business noted to this day for its innovative modern design. That evolved into the famous Trade Fair gift store aboard the ferryboat Berkeley in Sausalito.
After the Berkeley was sold to the San Diego Maritime Museum, Marge founded MARC, now known as Life House, and started a series of homes for developmentally disabled adults. She also was a self-employed bookkeeper, working for many local businesses and developing the budget for the Marin County Health and Human Services.

She recently retired to The Redwoods in Mill Valley. Marge grew up in the Chicago area, attended Connecticut College, and graduated from Northwestern University.  She enjoyed ballet, jazz, and modern art. Marge is survived by her daughter, Gail, son Luke, daughter-in-law, Muffie, and granddaughters, Abby and Cameo Conover. At her request, no memorial service was held. She would like memorial contributions to go to Life House, Integrated Community Services, or the Institute of Abundant Living.



Inspiration for CB2 design

I offer proof that CB2 was inspired by the designs of Luther Conover.

This first photo is from a catalog of Grandfather's designs.  You can see the paper clip legs.

This second photo is from Sunset Magazine.  All the furniture in this set is Grandfather's.  (the tables and the seats)

This third and final photo (not to belabor my point) is from a trade magazine for furniture retailers.
Again all the furniture in this photo is Luther Conover's and you can see the paper clip legs.

The photo quality is poor because I took photos of a scrapbook my grandmother has.  All the photos were behind protective film and I didn't think I'd end up posting them, so I wasn't too worried about quality when I took them.  I'll scan them properly next chance I get.

CB2 - Paper Clip Side Table

Crate and Barrel 2 (www.cb2.com) has a table for sale with obvious Conover inspiration.  It is an elegant table that uses the same wrought iron legs my grandfather was known for and a wood top (not solid wood, but veneer).  It is a simple shape, and you can see the design similarities.  It's only $199 and a cheap alternative for the real deal.

update:  It appears this product is no longer available. - 4/11/2011

The Berkeley

Article on the Berkeley.  Grandfather owned this ferry boat in Sausalito and had his shop The Trade Fair on it.



This dresser was found at http://www.r20thcentury.com/print.cfm?item_id=2203&order=1&view_id=9&r_image_id=


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